Unique Bathrooms for the Ultimate Bathroom Selfie

Unique Bathrooms for the Ultimate Bathroom Selfie

To say intention was placed behind every detail, artwork, and curvature throughout the luxurious InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown is an understatement. In fact, having meaningful detail throughout the hotel was such an important factor in the design process that even the bathrooms were meticulously created to be a standalone experience. They’re so unique and chic that they are often featured as the backdrop of guests’ social media posts. Use hashtags #InterContinentalDTLA and #LAElevated to see guests’ posts.

Take the bathrooms on the 70th floor lobby for example, with a standout appearance featuring a floor to ceiling art installation depicting L.A.’s historic “ironing man” and “diving lady” through an enlarged photo overlaid in neon. Guests get a kick out of the two custom designed glass urinals that provide a cheeky view of “seeing a man about a horse”. The mirrors mask the view beyond with the exception of clear glass words that read ‘Side View’ in the women’s room and ‘Rear View’ in the men’s room. The block letters cut out of the mirror are animated by the view beyond with the vibrancy of the 101 freeway and Hollywood projected prominently in each letter.

One of the hotel’s most popular bathroom is located in La Boucherie, the high-end steakhouse restaurant. Here the distinct opposing themes of Californian Vaquero meets Marie Antoinette are seen throughout the space and individually depicted in the restrooms. However it is the women’s room that leaves the longest lasting impression. Exuding royal french glamour right from the entry doorway, guests walk through long double height hall exaggerated with mirrors, reminiscent of the hall of mirrors from Versailles. Hidden doors and faux wall paneling mask four individual toilet rooms that feature bright jewel toned colors inspired from Marie Antoinette’s gowns. A classic powder room is flanked by a reinterpretation of table mounted porcelain sinks with brass hexagon mirrors and accompanied by a vanity that is covered in chinoiserie fabric, a favorite of Marie. It is suitably placed at the window for the ultimate selfie.

Most impressively are the bathrooms located in the guest corridors and are a unique design element to the hotel. Not only are they lavish with custom frosted glass windows that maximize natural light, city views and privacy, their brilliant construct is most extraordinary and played a part in securing the hotel’s LEED Gold Certification. Each bathroom was constructed as a “pod” in central California in an assembly line type construction. All materials, details, plumbing, lighting fixtures and hardware were assembled in a factory and shipped to the site by truck and carefully craned into place. This system ensured maximum quality, consistency, and reduced the typical chaos of having multiple trades working over one another on site.

It’s not often you’ll come across such extravagant bathrooms as you will at the InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown. In your next visit be sure to take advantage of the opportunity for the ultimate bathroom selfie!