Spend a Night & Immerse Yourself in Southern California Culture

Spend a Night & Immerse Yourself in Southern California Culture

Located in a central location of Downtown Los Angeles, with 889 guest rooms each uniquely exuding Southern California charm. InterContinental delivers the modern L.A. lifestyle travelers seek while providing a comforting home above the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Each guest room features views that are an attraction in of itself. With floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the diverse landscape that beautifully boasts the five ecologies. Every room is branded with one of the ecologies (i.e. car culture, Foot Hills, Surfurbia, the Plains of ID and Downtown) and a themed “billboard” above each headboard. Rooms also include state-of-the-art amenities that are matched by world-class hotel services and facilities

The lavish comfort of the rooms often make it hard for guests to leave, but whether it be for a business meeting, sightseeing, the nightlife or all, the city always calls. When retreating to their rooms, guests often marvel at the hallway lighting for casting a sunny California feel without any actual natural lighting. Little do they know the thoughtfulness behind the design. Carefully placed lighting with a custom painted wall graphic mirror the light and shadows that shine through a large window of a core wall. With specific lighting that reflects off of various sheens, it gives the feeling of natural light that is cast on the walls without having an actual source. 

Another innovative feature that often flies under the radar is the installment of the guest room bathrooms. InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown engineered a unique bathroom installation Downtown L.A. has ever encountered. Each bathroom was constructed as a “pod” in central California in an assembly line type construction. All materials, details, plumbing, lighting fixtures, and hardware were assembled in a factory and shipped to the site by truck then craned into place 30+ stories above the city. This construct was put in place to avoid the chaos of multiple installations in one day and also helped garner the coveted LEED Gold Certification, a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement.

The marble bathrooms also include a soaking tub, luxury bath products, natural light with frosted glass windows, city views, and plenty of privacy. Whether staying in a superior room, suite, or club accommodation, guests will encounter the finer side of L.A. living. Visitors are invited to take notice of the hallway lighting or try to imagine the process of the bathrooms being craned into place as one pod.