Shelter in Place Program at InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown


The safety and wellness of our guests and colleagues is our top priority. Currently, we are dealing with unprecedented times of anguish and uncertainty. Amongst the chaos and noise, we here at InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown would like to take a moment to service our community to the best of our ability at this time, while complying with local and federal mandates. We understand that every person and their family members are being affected differently by the COVID-19 situation at hand. Therefore, we have recently launched our Shelter in Place Program. For those in our Los Angeles community seeking, or in need of a comfortable, safe place to stay during the city’s temporary Shelter in Place order for either yourself, a family member or close friend, we invite you to find a private sanctuary at InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown.


To ensure you remain as content as possible during this challenging time, our Shelter in Place program includes premium accommodations (with safe and secure Wi-Fi, laundry services, helpful staff, and more), daily in-room breakfast, and complimentary valet parking. Additionally, guests have the opportunity to Skype with our certified, personal trainers at Attitude Fitness who are qualified to answer any of your health or fitness questions. They are ready and prepared to offer any tips, breathing exercises, or movements that will assist in alleviating any stress or anxiety you may be experiencing during this time. 


All our guests can rest assured knowing that we are actively monitoring the fast-paced conversations and will continue to communicate and make necessary recommendations to ensure the health and safety of our guests and colleagues. For any specific needs, or questions regarding our Shelter in Place program, please contact our reservations team directly at or visit to book.

*UPDATE* Effective April 17, 2020, the Shelter in Place Program has changed to the Shelter & Park in Place Program offering complimentary parking and waived facility fee.