Experience Surfurbia in the Middle of Downtown

Experience Surfurbia in the Middle of Downtown

The Surfurbia ecology lives almost entirely on the 7th level and is home to the hotel’s welcoming rooftop pool deck and NO DIVE Bar. From the moment guests step into the gated area, they are invited to dip in the sideways pool that is adorned with white tiles and blue lane dividers. With a memorable backdrop of the Downtown skyline on one side and an expansive ocean view on the other, it is obvious location is one perk of the hotel along with weather that allows the pool deck to stay open all year long.

Whether guests like to swim or to bask in the sun, the space accommodates plenty for both activities with relaxing cabanas, sun chairs, striped lounge chairs topped off with refreshing complimentary flavored water to help cool off. There are also clean house showers and changing rooms for guests freshen up after their swim or tanning session.

The deck area is decorated in various patterns of blue and white tile marking outer hotel features such as the elevator and escalator lobbies, as well as spaces leading to the indoor/outdoor Hollywood Ballroom. There is also a collection of murals and graphics of synchronized swimmers, including a hand painted mural of “The Pool Ladies”, or five synchronized swimmers in red suits that bring a nostalgic feeling of summer at a Southern California beach house to the heart of the city.

Planter boxes frame the dining areas and are marked with oversized pool depth marker symbols with a traditional “No Dive” symbol, which is where the bar gets its namesake – NO DIVE BAR. The bar offers an excuse to take some time away from the pool and enjoy delicious food along with signature alcoholic beverages.

The pool deck exudes historic California beach culture while embracing the city, just like the views it has to offer. It’s a highly recommended experience all guests should enjoy during their stay.

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