Behind the Art

Behind the Art

The infrastructure of InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown is artwork in of itself with sophisticated design that has single handedly elevated the city’s skyline, it is only expected the inside be just as elegantly adorned. Many can attest much of its beauty lies in the hundreds of art pieces throughout the hotel. Each were carefully curated for a specific reason in telling the story of the iconic hotel. Read on for insight on a few key pieces and what the meaning behind them are.

Starting at the ground level in the Porte Cochere and spanning an entire city block from Wilshire Blvd to 7th Street lives a 20 foot tall hand painted mural that embraces the ecology “Autopia.” The mural depicts recognizable elements of the Los Angeles horizon as one experiences driving across the city. Portraying a silhouette of billboards, powerlines, palm trees, cell phone towers that look like palm trees and a few landmarks like Watts Towers and Randy’s imposing donut deliver, the mural shares an experience that is uniquely L,A, and sets the tone for the California lifestyle guests are about to experience during their visit.

Continuing past the mural to the lower lobby and just to the side of the high-speed elevators lives signature art installation entitled “Screen” by Korean artist Do Ho Suh. The piece dominates across multiple walls, looking like an ordinary multi-colored wall from afar, but when taking a closer look, a very intricate design is revealed. Compiled of 86,000 unique human-like figures in the shape of an X and rotating in rainbow color pattern, each figurine is remarkably unique in detail. The piece explores the boundaries of society and how individually we are all different, but when we come together in support of one another, we can make a bold impact.

Another key piece can be spotted as guests make their way up the high-speed double decker elevators and up to the 70th floor lobby. Here a giant, three story tall light sculpture hangs. Inspired by the blaring freeways below with a ‘strung’ form derived directly from mapping this key intersection including the on and off ramps, underpasses, overpasses and connectors. The “Autopian” chandelier is made up of internally illuminated multi-color resin segments and is molded to resemble headlights, tail lights and side lights as seen from the hills or the air at night.

All are invited to visit and experience the displays of grandiose art throughout the hotel. Leave a comment below with the piece you found the most inspiring, whether detailed above or not!