Attitude Fitness ‘Stuck At Home’ Workout Video Series

Attitude Fitness, located on the 7th floor of InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown is committed to keeping you fit during the temporary Shelter in Place order. Their certified and experienced trainers have created the ‘Stuck At Home’ video workout series. The series offers a range of workouts from cardio, core, lower-body burn, yoga, and more – all designed to get your body moving. Each trainer will demonstrate and guide you through the exercises, offering modifications and support.

Kenneth Cox: Pump It Up! – Kenneth Cox, certified Personal Trainer, demonstrates a heart-pumping cardio workout to get you up and moving off the couch. No additional exercise equipment is needed for this workout, simply the will to get up and move throughout your home. Ken will guide you through a 30-minute cardio workout that includes 5 different exercises, each exercise is going to go for 40-seconds – the goal is to complete as many rounds as possible. This class features Russian kicks, mountain climbers, bear crawls and more.

Jamie Hughes: CORE-geous Courageous – Jaime Hughes, certified Personal Trainer with Attitude Fitness takes you through a gut-wrenching core workout to burn away and shed that abs area. This routine is not only great for summer and beach season, but also to keep you toned all year round. This 32-minute workout has 6 sections and each section has two different movements. Perform each movement for 30-seconds, then repeat four times. You will need one dumbbell weight, or feel free to improvise with anything you may have at home. This class is about pushing through the burn, but still maintaining great form and focusing on your core.

Leah Recania: Lower-Body Burn – Get an at-home lower-body burn workout session with certified Personal Trainer, Leah Recania. Feel that burn as you tone your lower body and get your heart rate up. This class is great for both beginners and advanced fitness levels – with and without weights (if available). You will move through 40-second rounds focusing on your legs and glutes. Feel free to take as much time to rest as you need, for that more advanced try only taking a 10-second rest to really challenge yourself. Get ready for squats, lunges and some serious lower-body burn.  

Maya Zimmerman: Stretch Away the Stress Guided Yoga  – Join Maya Zimmerman, certified, in-house Yoga Instructor at Attitude Fitness for a guided 20-minute stretch class. Maya invites you to tune-in with gratitude, be present, and allow your body to focus on your breath work as you create an island of peace and strength. This class is designed to stretch away stress and anxiety – helping you refocus life’s pressures through flexibility and mobility moves.

Princeton Tate: Let’s Get Chesty – Let Princeton Tate, certified Personal Trainer guide you through an at-home upper body chest workout.  He invites you to get creative and grab an air freshener, Lysol, gallon of milk or jug of water, anything you have that will apply some weight. Depending on your goals, Princeton will provide insight on achieving a pumped-up chest or tighten-it-up look. Whichever moves or modifications you decide are best for your body, this workout will be sure to have your chest burning as you move through each round.

We hope you enjoy each workout and we invite you to take advantage of the opportunity to connect with the Attitude Fitness team directly for any questions you may have. Don’t forget to tag us during your workouts: @AttitudeFitnessDTLA @InterContinentalDTLA, we want to encourage you to keep progressing on your fitness journey and we look forward to seeing you back in the gym. Find all workouts HERE.