A First Glimpse Into the Ecologies On the Sky-High Floor

A First Glimpse Into the Ecologies On the Sky-High Floor

There’s more to the 70th floor of the InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown than what meets the eye. To access the sky-high floor, guests are transported up in high speed, double-decker elevators with panoramic views of the city. Upon stepping out of the scenic lift, guests are greeted with more breathtaking views of the city. Modern check-in panels are illuminated by Autopian inspired custom light fixtures suspended above. 

While many can agree it is a unique chandelier, very few know about the Autopian inspired meaning behind the three-story-tall light sculpture. The fixture is molded to resemble the car lights of the 10 and 110 freeways that are directly below. It’s also a reflection of the night views of the widely recognized street grids of Los Angeles that give a dazzling illumination of red, white, and orange lighting. It’s a beauty to look at from above, though when experiencing it from ground level, it can be considered the least glamorous part of Los Angeles. It’s all about perspective. 

Walking past the new age check-in desks, guests are welcomed to enjoy themselves at the 70th floor Sky Lobby and its southern views of the intertwining streets that is Los Angeles. If one looks closely, they will see the streets portrayed throughout the structured furnishings, gridded fabrics and urban fixtures that are also a play to the Downtown and the Plains of Id. The custom rug designs are softened abstractions of the perspective streets aglow after dark as viewed from a plane landing at LAX or the top of Griffith Park. 

If guests and locals are up for a cocktail, they can head to the Lounge that overlooks the skyscrapers, financial district, and historic core, or the heart of Downtown. As a backdrop to the bar, there is a black glass wall featuring a historical image of the Studebaker Dealership that originally occupied the land, with an overlaid neon sign that reads: From MAIN we SPRING to BROADWAY and over the HILL to OLIVE, O wouldn’t it be GRAND if we could HOPE to pick a FLOWER on FIGUEROA. This adage was taught to children to help them remember the order of the Downtown streets, and after a few delicious drinks, can now guide those leaving the bar. 

For loyal guests, the Club InterContinental lounge is made available for an exclusive retreat with its own private check-in. It features 180 degree views that frame the mountains and foothills with interior furnishings that embrace the earth tones of the scenery. The views inspire the curvilinear shapes seen throughout the lounge and accentuated with a custom rug design patterned after the topographic maps of the San Gabriel Mountains. 

There is no detail placed without reasoning. Next time you’re visiting and looking to impress, casually share this knowledge with your company, or enjoy spotting each element for yourself.